Downloading files from the Protea server at CUBIC using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Posted: June 10, 2011 in HOW-TO's

Here are two standard ways of getting your files off the protea server. If your are using a terminal, you can do the following:

>> ssh

All your old files, that is the ones that were created and stored using the old system, should be stored in /archive1/RESEARCH1 to RESEARCH3. All your new data should be in /archive2/. Just look for your PI’s name. Again, if you do not have access to files that you think belongs to you, let me know. Again, if it belongs to you, you will only be able to read and copy it. This was done to prevent accidental data deletion.

If you would rather using a Graphical User Interface (GUI), read on.

Please not that it is set up so that you cannot change or delete your own files, only copy it. Should you see a message: Access denied, you are either trying to access someone else’s files or your permissions aren’t set correctly. In this case, please let me know! Also, the protea server is only accessible from the UCT and Stellenbosch networks currently.

An important note: Please do not share your password or username with anyone. Rather let them apply for their own login.

Below I describe two methods for downloading files: one for windows and one for Linux. The Mac one should be similar. You will be accessing the server over the network/internet with a Secure Shell Protocol (SSH). This simply means that you need a password to access your files and no one will be able to see what you are doing.

SCP using a GUI in Windows
There are various tools available that can relieve the hassle of copying files over SSH. WinSCP and Bitvise Tunnler are two options for Windows. Here is a tutorial explaining how to use WinSCP in detail. For host, use Set the port to 22 .

SCP using a GUI in Linux
Under Linux, secpanel can be used.

Here is a screenshot of how I setup my connection:

PLease let me know if this does not make sense, or if there are any errors and I will be more than happy to fix this! Feel free to leave a comment!




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