Uploading and Downloading files to CHPC using a GUI

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Basic UNIX tutorials, HOW-TO's

There are two standard ways that data can be uploaded to CHPC. Firstly using the command line, and secondly using a GUI (Graphical Users Interface.) The GUI method will be explained here.

Very Important Note:
It is very important that you never give you password to anyone. Rather let them apply for their own login, as this could compromise the security not only of your login, but the entire CUBIC group! Remember, the more usernames we have in the CUBIC group, the more funding we can apply for! This is beneficial for everyone.

SCP using a GUI in Windows
There are various tools available that can relieve the hassle of copying files over SSH. WinSCP and Bitvise Tunnler are two options for Windows. Here is a tutorial explaining how to use WinSCP in detail. For host, use sun.chpc.ac.za. Set the port to 22 .

SCP using a GUI in Linux
Under Linux, secpanel can be used.

Here is a screenshot of how I setup my connection:


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