FSL course

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Courses

Thank you once again for everyone’s valuable support on our first ever FSL course. It was inspiring to see such enthusiasm and willingness to learn! We hope to continue to support our forming imaging community here in Cape Town, and in doing so help establish a well grounded working environment for our research. We hope to achieve this by regular online support, an mailing-list and further such imaging courses.

There have been many requests for further written tutorials in the command line, fMRI and DTI analysis. To start us off, here are a few useful links to sites related to our course and some interesting information! Please feel free to suggest further topics for us to cover!

Beginner’s UNIX tutorial
Information Science: Primer on Wikipedia
fMRIb hompage
CHPC’s Platform specifications
FSL’s Mailing List
The Salmon Activation

More is to follow!

  1. Bruce Spottiswoode says:

    A few other links to useful and free packages:

    DTIStudio can be used for DTI data pre-processing and fast fiber tracking. (http://www.mristudio.org/ – link currently out of action but presumable they’ll repair it soon)

    MRICovert converts Dicom images into a variety of formats, including FSL, SPM, BrainVoyager (http://lcni.uoregon.edu/~jolinda/MRIConvert/)

    MRIcro is a useful image viewer and also converts Dicom images into Analyze and Niftii format (http://cnl.web.arizona.edu/mricro.htm)

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